New Technology

With new COVID19 coronavirus spreads rapidly, we present you our latest technology for disinfection services through 3D volumetric nebulization.

We are using the 3D nebulizer, patented with a revolutionary technology that guarantees sterilization of 99.99% of the disinfected premises.

We deliver any service based on volumetric nebulization from pest control and disinfection to odorizing practices.

3D Nebulization

Our 3D Nebulizer can be considered the best nebulizer in the world. The method is performed with disinfectants based on peroxide or peroxide and peracetic acid.

Very important, the Covid-19 coronavirus dies under the action of the peroxide and due to the 3D effect the biocide history is reset, killing the entire micro-air-flora from the treated spaces.

We offer sanitation testing before and after, with Synevo or any other sanitation analysis provider chosen by the Client.

The areas of use are multiple, ranging from surgery rooms, classrooms, kitchens, conference rooms to large volumes such as production halls, waiting rooms, theatre/cinema, hotels, commercial spaces, office and residential buildings, archives, museums, equipment, cars, public transportation and freight transport as well as civil, military and transport aircraft.

General info about the 3D NEBULZATION

During nebulizing operation, the substance covers the entire volumetry existing in the treated space, so that every millimetre of surface and any object existing in that space, with any geometry, is treated by the floating peroxide because this type of buoyancy generates a fog curtain effect.  This process is projected three-dimensional (3D) to avoid the shadow effect existing in the classical two-dimensional (2D) procedures.

3D Nebulization Main Advantages


3D nebulization guarantees a sterilization 99.80%.
The nebulized particle of the substance has the size of few microns, therefore, on every millimetre of the surface of the treated area will be projected at least one particle of the active substance. Due to the principle of operation and uniform dispersion, the nebulizer also succeeds in disinfecting the existing air inside the treated area including the air conditioning system. This effect occurs even in slots, corners and holes, impossible to achieve by any other conventional disinfection methods, guaranteeing a 99.99% sterilization of the treated area with micro-air-flora action and fungicidal, bactericidal, virucidal and sporicidal spectrum.


The highest speed of performing the disinfection operation and ultra-fast availability of the treated area are giving to the client the opportunity to use it as efficiently as possible. The nebulization time for a Boeing 737/A320 is only 7 minutes!


The 3D Nebulizer is a fully automated device that allows no human error. It automatically calculates the volume of spaces to be disinfected and for disinfection, we use substances tested against bacteria, spores and viruses, which penetrate absolutely all spaces.

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Services Policy Statements

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