IATA Safety Audit (ISAGO)

IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) is helping the Provider of Ground Handling Services to comply with the most ground operations safety standard. ISAGO is aiming at increasing safety and decreasing costs.

Our Objectives for Your Benefit

  • Assessment of your compatibility to become ISAGO certified “GAP Analysis”.
  • Providing you with an overview of your performance by an outsider point of view.
  • Assisting your company during the ISAGO audit.
  • Implementing and updating your documentation for meeting quality standards and customer’s requirements.

Our Services

  • Evaluation of your ground handling services according to the ISAGO standards:
    • Section 1 Organization and Management (ORM-H, ORM-HS, ORM-S);
    • Section 2 Load Control (LOD);
    • Section 3 Passenger Handling (PAX);
    • Section 4 Baggage Handling (BAG);
    • Section 5 Aircraft Handling and Loading (HDL);
    • Section 6 Aircraft Ground Movement (AGM);
    • Section 7 Cargo Handling (CGM).
  • Support of your organization by implementing processes to meet ISAGO standard.
  • ISAGO audit preparation.
  • Corrective action plan for ISAGO audit findings closure, if any.

Quality Manual (QM)

The Quality Manual (QM) is the tool by which the Management ensures compliance with applicable regulations and requirements of the customer airline(s) and satisfaction of stated operational needs. The QM creates the framework to deliver the desired levels of operational safety and security by identifying undesirable conditions, hazards in operations, areas requiring improvement, as well as controlling operations risks.

Our Objectives for Your Benefit

  • Reviewing of the management system.
  • Audit planning process.
  • Ensure awareness of compliance with applicable regulatory and other requirements.

Our Services

  • Quality assurance program of services and products.
  • Training program.
  • Audit process and implementation.

Safety Management System

A safety program is important for the purpose of preventing accidents and incidents in locations where ground operations are conducted.

Included processes

  • The investigation of accidents and incidents.
  • The reporting of accidents and incidents.
  • The investigation of irregularities or other non-routine operational occurrences that may be precursors of accidents or incidents.
  • The identification and analysis of operational hazards and potentially hazardous conditions.
  • The production of analytical information, which may include recommendations, for use by operations managers in the prevention of operational accidents and incidents.
  • Ensuring significant issues arising from the station safety program are subject to regular review by senior management.
  • The dissemination of safety information to appropriate management and operational personnel.
  • Personnel to report operational hazards, deficiencies and areas of concern.

Our Objectives for Your Benefit

  • To develop a safety program as a critical element of risk management.
  • Documentation of the program including a description of the structure, individual responsibilities, available resources and core processes associated with the program.
  • A station safety program in accordance with applicable regulations and requirements of the customer airline(s).

Our Services

Dedicated support and implementation of the Safety Management System.

Training Services

Uplift Aviation Services provides specialized training programs on topics related to ground services. Our skilled training professionals and advanced facilities are prepared to deliver the highest quality training at the best value for our customers.

Following training areas are covered

  • Airside safety training
  • Aircraft ground movement including marshalling training;
  • Security training;
  • Catering training;
  • Ramp and operations training.

Security Management System

Promote a proactive approach in order to more effectively prevent security incidents and mitigate the economical impact of security measures. Control and manage access to sensitive information, engage all members of your Security Team in a common and coordinated effort.

Integrate an incident feedback mechanism that ensures the highest level of security.

Our Objectives for Your Benefit

Implementation of a Security Management System that:

  • Protect the people, physical assets, and intellectual property and information systems of your company.
  • Comply with the State regulations and the local authority requirements.

Our Services

Elaboration and implementation of the Security Management System.

Security Consultancy

Uplift Aviation Services provides exclusive consultancy services to organizations that plan to enhance their Safety Management and Quality Management systems. Our consultancy services are guaranteed for being valuable, practical and having effective results in the implementation process.

We are proud to present highly skilled and competent consultants, having unique industrial experience and exposure to the Safety & Quality consulting and implementation cycle who can advise you on matters related to:

  • National security regulations;
  • Security management system;
  • Contingency plan;
  • Procedures;
  • Security Training manual;
  • Security manual.

Other Services

  • Risk Management System;
  • Development of Ground Operations Manuals;
  • Development of SOPs “Standard Operating Procedures and Processes”;
  • Development of Company Policies for Quality, Health and Security of Work, Environment, Training, Safety and Security;
  • Implementation of Quality System for Performance Measurement of Service Delivery;
  • Development and implementation of ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System;
  • Development and implementation of ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System;
  • Development and implementation of OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health & Safety Development;
  • Development of Training Management System;
  • Provision of On the Job Training and coaching for Airside Ramp personnel focused on safety and security;
  • Development of Human Resources Manual, organizational charts and job descriptions;
  • Performing On-site visit, assisting and preparation of audits;
  • Assisting in agreement matters as per AHM810.